Dutch Spiders From Mars
a Tribute to David Bowie
Dutch Spiders From Mars will take you on a two-hour journey through time and space, with a broad repertoire of Bowie songs: hits and less well-known work, but always unmistakably Bowie. Singer Arjan is not a Bowie look-alike but has the perfect voice and performs the songs with an inspiration as if he had written them himself. An exciting journey through the career and musical styles of David Bowie by experienced top musicians.
David Bowie became famous in 1969 with the song 'Space Oddity', this song came out when the first moon landing took place. His most famous album, 'The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust & The Spiders From Mars' is from 1972. David Bowie became the main figure of glam rock that emerged in the 70's. In the 'Station to Station' album in 1976 he developed his character 'The Thin White Duke', who had arisen from his drug use. In the 80's Bowie scored a big hit with Queen, with the song 'Under Pressure'. In the 90's Bowie focussed more on Soul and Jazz.
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